"FontanGrad" group of companies was established in 2003. The main specialization of the company - is design, construction, reconstruction and maintenance of fountains and fountain complexes of any complexity. We have created more than 50 hydraulic structures in many cities of Russia and CIS over the past 10 years.

The structure of our production and creative team can solve the engineering and technical tasks of any degree of complexity. Fountain construction is not only business, but also a favorite thing, which brings joy in every implemented project of the new fountain.

One of the new, rapidly developing areas group of companies "FontanGrad" is own production of standard fountain kits. With the help of this equipment, of equal quality to large-scale urban fountains, you can perform the improvement of the territory in front of the hotel, a restaurant or in a private household.

The company’s activity complies with the integrated quality management system (ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004).

All designed and constructed objects by us continue delighting others with their beauty and originality of execution. We create our fountains to suit individual wishes of the customer after a thorough engineering and economic preparing of each project.

We give importance to environmental protection and safety of the fountains. All the fountains we constructed have a water multistage filtration system and have beneficial effects on human due to air humidification.

Every year the list of innovations of creative team “FontanGrad” is filled with new unique projects, not just transforming the appearance of cities, but also improving the status of the settlements. A city with a beautiful fountain and one without it - are two completely different residential places with the same name!

Our motto: "Engineering technologies as an art!"