Construction of fountains is similar to art

Construction of fountains is a much more important process than creation of another swimming pool with water circulation system. It is an art that allows changing the surrounding space, raising the status of territories and rating of the city. It wouldn’t be a mistake to say that in perception a city with a beautiful fountain and one without it are two completely different residential places. What turns a regular hydraulic engineering construction created by experts of "FontanGrad" company into a really esthetic architectural concept for city streets?

In terms of professionals, production of fountains is a business that takes considerable time and demands serious knowledge, excellent engineering education and not the least – creative imagination. Imagination, the opportunity to develop and offer the customer the original architectural and hydrotechnical concept, is the defining factor of competitive opportunities. "FontanGrad" group of companies answers the criteria demanded by the most exacting clients. During previous more than ten years of activity our experts became real trendsetters in the sphere of fountain fashion.

Project design of fountains in "FontanGrad" company

Project design of fountains is one of the most labor-consuming stages that precede the construction. On this stage it is necessary to bring together and to connect the original creative idea and the exact calculation of all constructive decisions. Besides that project design includes creation of architectural look of the hydraulic engineering construction; the designer has to consider many technical nuances, beginning with the quality of water in water supply system and finishing with introduction of the latest technologies of fountain construction. The next stage of production is construction of fountains; it consists in fact in possibility of exact implementation of that magnificence which already found life in drawings and schemes. Employees of "FontanGrad" company design complicated fountain complexes as well as small home fountains, every time receiving acknowledgement of clients and enthusiastic responses of passersby.

Only if there was an original project of high quality created, the construction of the fountain will be successful and the system will operate reliably, having released you from many problems in the future. Unfortunately, it happens sometimes that independent production of fountains or an order made in short-lived firm disturbs the piece of the client for a long time. After all even a small leak or lack of emergency dumping of water are fraught with serious problems and necessity to call for emergency services.

Production of fountains. Why our company?

Production of "ready-made" fountains at all times, since Renaissance, was considered as craft, and later as a profession, deserving general recognition. Builders of fountains, like artists and architects, sculptors or poets, were a special craft group, a special social category; their talents were admitted by the whole cities. It is undoubted that hydraulic engineering constructions allow people to live more comfortably, staying in coolness on hot days and in quiet comfort in especially droughty periods of time. But besides the task of refreshing and storing water-supplies, the mission of fountains is to change the surrounding area. Creating a fountain is the same with creation of the new style, corresponding to tastes of the customer, from the ground up. Life around changes, but the principles of high-quality approach to business of construction of fountains continues to remain the credo of real masters.

Experts of "FontanGrad" company work carefully with each customer, achieving excellent results in embodiment of every project. More than ten years of work on the market of design and construction of fountains were not in vain for "FontanGrad" group of companies. Our experts have their own shop on production of specialized equipment at their disposal. Production allows us to solve all the issues as to creation of filters, lamps and control cabinets and also other fountain equipment.

Production and project design of fountains in Russia

The "FontanGrad" company carries out production and design of fountains of any degree of complexity. Make just one phone call to our company and you will be offered some interesting options, drafts of the fountain solutions which will harmoniously fit into space, intended for improvement. Distinctive feature of work of our company is that appealing to us the customer will be released from all the organizational problems.

Singing, park, dry and city fountains – we specialize in all these types; fountains are our love that can be embodied in any form according to your desire.

Motto of "FontanGrad" group of companies: "Engineering technologies as an art!"