Fountain 'Butterfly'

(in the city of Labinsk)
Technical specifications:
Технические характеристики: 
  1. Type of the fountain: static fountain
  2. Pool size: 12 х 5,5 m
  3. Max. spray height: 3 m
  4. Max. power consumption: 6 kW
  5. Average power consumption: 5 kW
  6. Number of nozzles: 20 pcs
  7. Number of lights: 24 pcs
  8. Number of pumps: 2 pcs

In honor of 165-year anniversary of the city on the central square a new fountain was built. Interlaced rings are symbols of unity of generations. The head of the district Alexander Sadchikov said: “That is not just a fountain; that is a fairy-tale told by water streams. People of different generations will come to this square to enjoy its beauty that will make them a little bit better and more sympathetic …”

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