Dynamic fountain 'Jet'

(in Krasnodar region)
Technical specifications:
Технические характеристики: 
  1. Type of the fountain: dynamic
  2. Size: the length of two fountain basins is 22 and 24 meters.
  3. Max. spray height: 3 m
  4. Max. power consumption: 54 kW
  5. Average power consumption: 43 kW
  6. Number of nozzles: 84 pcs
  7. Number of lights: 116 pcs
  8. Number of pumps: 10 pcs

Krasnodar is a southern Russian city which is constantly changing its appearance and appears to the residents and guests renewed. The city administration conducted a tremendous work on the reconstruction of central alleys, parks and other significant in the life of the city sites. Familiar to everyone from childhood the Park of "Friendship of peoples" at the corner of Mira and Rashpilevskaya streets is not an exception also.

A great contribution to the improvement of the Park was the construction of dynamic fountain with lighting the “Jet". The quiet lanes of the garden, flowerbeds and all the surrounding space acquired festive and in the evening even mystical view thanks to the fountain. An invaluable role in creating this atmosphere has played a fountain lighting system implemented with 116 RGB-lights.

In the evenings, the visitors of the park turn into spectators of a bright presentation, when the water jets are unexpectedly lighted by the multitude of LED lamps. In the daytime water extravaganza turns into a quiet performance with slow change of water patterns. For moms with young kids and for people in old age, and for young couples it is nice to sit on the benches next to the fairy fountains. Even psychologists have noted that the fountains significantly change the atmosphere, having a moral healing effect.

It is important to note that the construction of the fountain - is a great result of the company "FontanGrad" proven with its long-term successful work high qualification in a difficult art of transformation of modern cities. Designing of the fountain for us is not a routine work, but rather heavy, but always a pleasant creative search for new ideas, innovative solutions and courageous projects.

The “Jet" was one of the most recent examples of the creative approach of the company. In front of the park visitors appear two arcuate basins equipped with 84 nozzles, two of which are of “combined” type. Innovative combination nozzle can form two types of water shapes, while conventional nozzles create just one water pattern. The central water jets of picturesque fountain reaches a height of 3 meters.

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