Musical fountain on the square

(in the city of Maikop)
Technical specifications:
Технические характеристики: 
  1. Type of the fountain: musical
  2. Pool diameter: 15,7 m
  3. Max. spray height: 15 m
  4. Max. power consumption: 66 kW
  5. Average power consumption: 26 kW
  6. Number of nozzles: 479 pcs
  7. Number of lights: 491 pcs
  8. Number of pumps: 34 pcs

Maikop can be translated from the Adygei language as ‘apple valley’. Fountains have always been the main decoration of the city with such romantic name. The fountain on the Lenin’s square has become a new place of attraction for the capital city of Adygea and the first musical fountain in the republic.

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