Musical fountain 'Golden Ratio'

(in Krasnodar Region)
Technical specifications:
Технические характеристики: 
  1. Type of the fountain: musical fountain
  2. Pool diameter: 17,8 m
  3. Max. spray height: 16 m
  4. Max. power consumption: 82 kW
  5. Average power consumption: 32 kW
  6. Number of nozzles: 471 pcs
  7. Number of lights: 491 pcs
  8. Number of pumps: 29 pcs

In 2008 we built the biggest musical fountain in the South of Russia! Unusual form of travelling lines forming three crossing ellipses make this fountain unique.

In this project we managed to create especially elegant water pictures which allow the fountain to dance in the time with the most complicated musical pieces.

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