The Musical cascading fountain ‘Aurora’

(in the Krasnodar city)
Technical specifications:
Технические характеристики: 
  1. Type of the fountain: musical cascading
  2. Pool diameter: 60 х 20 m
  3. Max. spray height: 15 m
  4. Max. power consumption: 540 kW
  5. Average power consumption: 289 kW
  6. Number of nozzles: 801 pcs
  7. Number of lights: 1608 pcs
  8. Number of  pumps: 89 pcs

The musical fountain ‘Aurora’ is one of the most spectacular in the south of Russia, thanks to the unique fountain equipment. A huge number of powerful foam jets emphasizes the fundamentality of granite basin of the fountain. And 156 pieces of inclined to the center water sprays starting at the edge of the fountain and aiming to the center, create a majestic water arch in the air. Extraordinary water shapes and bright lighting of the fountain are visible even through the thick of leaves of green plantings of the Alexander Boulevard.

In addition to the static nozzles that create hundreds of different water pictures, the fountain is equipped with 24 nozzles using 3D technology. In other words, due to the rotation of the mechanism of the nozzle in all planes, dynamic water forms appear over the fountain. They continuously follow each other.  The 3D nozzles are produced and modified by order of FontanGrad Company by a foreign factory specifically for this project. Similar 3D nozzles provide work of world famous fountains ‘Bellagio’ in Las Vegas and ‘Burj Khalifa’ in Dubai.

The cascading musical fountain at the building of the ‘Aurora’ cinema in Krasnodar consists of the three classic basins. The fountain is called cascading due to the existing serial overflow of water from the upper basin down. Thus was solved the task of using of the main features of the landscape of the central streets of the city of Krasnodar - existing slope. The dimensions of each basin are 20 by 20 meters. Stylish decoration with dark gray granite perfectly blended the new fountain in the general trends of the urban architecture. The scale and manufacturability of a hydraulic structure becomes even more obvious with announcement of its basic parameters. The fountain is equipped with 1608 underwater lights, 89 fountain pumps 801 nozzles. The three central jets of the fountain reach 15meters. The fountain complex is equipped with wind sensors and three-step water treatment system. The total area of the cascading fountain is 1200 square meters.

When the evening comes, the powerful fountain jets get unusual colors! And this spectacle fascinates! Due to the appearance a new musical fountain, the deserted in the past boulevard in front of the cinema ‘Aurora’ has become the new center of attraction for residents and guests of Krasnodar!           

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