09 September 2014

A Fountain will be built in the settlement of the southern federal district

All works at the construction site on installation of monolithic underground basin of the fountain are completed at this time. The communications and electrical equipment is being installed now.

The new fountain will be a relatively compact solution of  9x9m size. The height of the central jet of the fountain will be 4m. The water patterns will be created with 31 nozzles. 45 underground LED lights will provide a bright night lighting of the fountain water sprays. The required pressure in the hydraulic system of the fountain will be created by five pumps.

It’s worth noting that the average power consumption of the fountain still will not exceed 10kW/hour.

According to the construction schedule, the start of a fountain is scheduled in October 2014.

In the mean time

The construction of the fountain in the city of Sibai, Republic of Bashkortostan is completed. The object is finished in time! The compact fountain solution significantly transformed the architectural appearance of the central square. The first project of FontanGrad Company in Bashkiria is 10meters in the diameter. The height of the central jet is 7 meters and of the foam columns – 2.5 meters. Five pumps and twenty seven nozzles are used for creating different water patterns. The water jets of the fountain are lighted with 36 LED lights.

The new fountain, as the finished fountain in Sibai, is equipped with three-step filtration system.

In addition to the main filter to filter large particles, there is provided quartz sand filtration, chlorination and disinfection using ultraviolet.

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