18 July 2014

New fountain for Sibay city

Specialists of "FontanGrad" group of companies started designing planar dynamically lit fountain for the city of Sibay in the Republic of Bashkortostan.

The object will be constructed as part of the reconstruction of the central square and the park of the city for the forthcoming dates which residents of Sibay city will celebrate in 2015: to the 70 anniversary of the Victory in the Second World War and to the 60 anniversary of the hometown.

Fountain solution by Krasnodar specialists will allow offering a worthy architectural completion of free space on the town square. Fountain project for Sibay city will be constructed in the form of a circle with a diameter of 10 meters. The height of the central fountain jet will reach 7 meters, and of foam columns - 2,5 m. Nozzles that create the form of a tent will complete the composition of water pictures. To create a variety of water pictures 5 pumps and 27 nozzles will be used. When darkness comes water jets will be illuminated with 36 LED lights.

Traditionally the fountain will be equipped with three-stage system of filtration of water. Besides primary filter for removal of large particles the filtration by quartz sand, chlorination and disinfecting by means of ultra-violet radiation will be provided. It is planned to finish all works on fountain construction in autumn 2014.

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