02 June 2015

A new fountain in the Leningrad region

A fountain construction in Leningrad region in the city of Kirishi became a real event for the citizens. This facility claims to be the main attractions of the city by right.

A place for construction of the fountain was not chosen by chance and is rather symbolical. On idea of the customer, the fountain is to "merge together" with the children's school of arts of Kirishi, in front of which it is located.

The fountain itself is fully an excellent representative of the architectural art, and combines several aesthetic trends. It can be a source of inspiration for young artists, musicians and dancers, charging everyone with positive energy coming from the rhythmic dance of water jets, accompanied by colorful lights.

The construction of the fountain in Kirishi is a true gift for the citizens. Because there has never been built fountains of such scale. To the delight of students of art schools of Kirishi, as well as residents and visitors alike, the official opening of the fountain will take place very soon. Now everyone can enjoy the spectacular sight and become a few steps closer to the great and eternal art.

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