10 July 2015

New dynamic fountain in Bashkortostan

There will appear an extraordinary novelty, deserving everyone’s attention in the city of Sterlitamak, Bashkortostan Republic in the near future. A truly outstanding and long-awaited event for the city dwellers became the construction of a modern dynamic color changing fountain in Bashkortostan.

Specialists of "FontanGrad" engaged in construction of the fountain in Sterlitamak, once again managed to create an "ordinary miracle" to delight residents and visitors with amazing hydraulic structure.

Twelve-meter basin of the fountain is located in front of the cinema complex "Salavat".

Inside the main basin of the fountain there is a second basin of smaller diameter, from which the water will be poured with sparkling waterfall into lower part. Cascading jets of the fountain, graciously rising up from the filled basins, will create a water shape called "foam crown". At night time "crown" will shine like a real jewel, playing colors and flares created by multicolored lights.

Citizens are looking forward to the grand opening, because the construction of the fountain in Bashkortostan is nearing completion. The "foam magnificence” will begin to attract admiring glances and to caress the eyes of an admiring public very soon.

Dynamic fountain with color changing lighting in Sterlitamak promises to be a real gem of the city, especially as its earlier residents could not boast such an amazing attraction. Now, the fountain becomes a worthy ornament of Sterlitamak, giving a lot of positive emotions, positive charging and warming the soul with dreamy gusts.

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