25 July 2014

A dynamic fountain will be built in Krasnodar park of Friendship of Peoples

Experts of Group of Companies "FontanGrad" started construction of dry-deck dynamic fountain in one of the most popular parks of Krasnodar. Commissioning of the object is planned in September 2014.
The new dry-deck fountain will have a round shape with diameter of 19m. Maximal height of the central jet will be 10m. Six pumps and 41 nozzles will be used for creating water shapes. The water nozzles will be installed around the main jet. Thus there will be 5 water rings each of them will involve 8 nozzles. In the dark the water magnificence of the fountain will be lit with 172 pieces of LED lights. The average power consumption will be 39kWt. Forty one cubic meters of water is needed for operation of the hydraulic structure. All the water will pass the 3-step filtration system. In addition to treatment by rough filtration, quartz sand, water of the fountain will be disinfected with ultraviolet units and chlorinator. The wind sensor located near the underground basin of the fountain will allow to adjust the strength of the water sprays.  With increasing the wind gusts their height will decrease.  In calm weather, on the contrary, reaches its maximum.


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