Новый фонтан в Анапе
Новый фонтан в Анапе
21 Ноября 2013

The city-resort will have a music fountain complex built

To listen to classics and to watch a water fireworks guests and residents of Anapa will be able at the beginning of next summer. The group of companies FontanGrad started construction of a modern fountain complex in the city-resort.

Creating a unique music fountain group is supposed to be complete by the beginning of holiday season - 2014. Construction began in the center of Anapa, opposite the city administration.  All construction and installation work including start-up and commissioning of high-tech units of the fountain water system will be carried out by specialists of "FontanGrad".

According to the head of the company Mr. Oleg Bublik - fountain complex will undoubtedly become one of the most beautiful places in the resort city.

As explained by O. Bublik: ‘The length of the fountain complex will reach 90 meters. It will take most of the square in front of the administration building of Anapa. The complex will consist of a main music fountain of 23 meters in diameter and of four following fountain bowls of 6 meters in diameter each.’ 

In Europe, for reference, just 6 companies are able to build similar in scale fountain systems.  Unique watershapes will be created by 300pcs of special fountain nozzles and 320pcs of lights.

Recall, the company ‘FontanGrad’ specializes in design, construction and reconstruction of fountains and also in creating exclusive fountain complexes. The company designed and created all modern fountains of Krasnodar and is well-known in Russia and among CIS-countries.  In particular, the specialists of FontanGrad have created a unique fountain complex in the desert in Turkmenistan.

Currently, the company is also carrying out construction of the largest music fountain complex in Southern Federal District at the cinema "Aurora" in Krasnodar.

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