03 Февраля 2014

The Construction of the fountain complex at the cinema ‘Aurora’ in Krasnodar is going on despite cold and ice

As we were told in the group of companies ‘FontanGrad’ for quality of construction works there are deployed canopies on the three cascading bowls of future fountain, due to which the temperature in the working area is much higher than outside.

At present there are laid all electric communications needed for lights, pumping equipment and nozzles of the fountain. For these purposes more than 25 kilometers of waterproofing cables are laid. Electro communications are protected with special metal casing from mechanical damage.

The next stage of work on the fountain will be the completion of installation of lights in the pools of the fountain, installation of the 3D-nozzles, of pump equipment, stainless steel decking. Right before commissioning works specialists will install the software and will perform the next start-up operations.

The group of companies ‘FontanGrad’ began construction works of the fountain complex at the cinema ‘Aurora’ in Krasnodar last year. Complex of hydraulic structures at the cinema ‘Aurora’ will become the biggest music fountain complex in the Southern Federal District. Its total area is 1772 square meters, the fountain pools will be equipped with 865 jets, 24 of which will be created by 3D technology. The height of the water columns of the fountain will be 15 meters.

The complex will include "Children dry-deck fountain", located directly in front of the cinema, as well as the three pools of cascading fountain. Undisturbed operation of the entire system will be provided by more than 100 pumps.

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