20 Марта 2014

Construction of four fountains at the same time is carried out by specialists of "FontanGrad" group of companies

At the present moment construction of four fountains – in Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Anapa and Temryuk – is carried out by specialists of "FontanGrad" group of companies. By the summer check up and start-up works will be carried out at all the objects with the subsequent transfer of hydraulic engineering constructions to customers.

The fountain complex in Anapa city is built to 45 percent of the total amount of works. Ferroconcrete basins of the fountain are cast; laying of electric communications and hydraulic pipelines is carried out. Installation of the pump and light equipment will begin in the beginning of April. Finishing of basis by granite slabs is conducted along with the main construction works on the fountain.

In Temryuk city there is the pit dug on the place of future fountain for an underground basin and technological room, the reinforcing framework and mortgage elements are mounted, soon builders will start installation of a timbering and filling of concrete.

The construction of the fountain "Rostovchanka" that is connected with the reconstruction of the monument of the same name on the embankment of Rostov-on-Don city, is planned to be completed prior to the beginning of April. Now the equipment, including filtering system, distributive collectors, is delivered and mounted, decorative finishing of fountain basin is nearing completion. Balancing and commissioning of all systems of the fountain will be carried out soon.

The complex of cascade fountains by the cinema "Aurora" in Krasnodar city is built to 85 percent from the total amount of works. In all basins of the fountain electric communications are laid, installation of lamps is completed, 3D - nozzles are established. Now there are works on connection of the equipment of the fountain to a power supply system.

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