03 Декабря 2013

Details of the largest music fountain in the SFD became known

Future music fountain complex by the cinema "Aurora" will be equipped with the same nozzles, which installed on the best fountains in Dubai and in Las Vegas at the Bellagio hotel. It is about high-tech equipment, which is capable of forming volume water shapes of varying difficulty.

‘3D-nozzles will rotate and turn water jets in different directions, changing water pressure in the system’, - we were told by FontanGrad Company, which has designed this project and is currently realizing it.

According to the head of the company, Oleg Bublik, music fountain complex will create plenty of original water shapes with help of this technical innovation. Including rare water shape – ‘the Lotus flower’. The festive mood will also be created by thousands of water and color effects.

Equipment and software for operation of the fountain complex is developed by specialists of ‘FontanGrad’ company. As we were told in the company, the complex of hydraulic engineering constructions near the cinema ‘Aurora’ will become the largest music fountain complex in the SFD. Its total area is 1772 square meters. Fountain bowls will be equipped with 865 jets, 24 of which will be created using 3D technology. The highest water columns will reach 15 meters.

The complex will include a ‘Children dry-deck fountain’, located directly in front of the cinema. It will be formed of 64 foam columns up to 1m height.

"Uninterrupted operation of the system will be provided by 105 pumps" - said O. Bublik.


Informational part

Group of companies "FontanGrad" specializes in the design, construction and subsequent maintenance of fountain complexes. Over the past 10 years, the company's specialists have created more than 60 waterworks in many Russian cities, as well as in the CIS.

In particular, FontanGrad built technically unique complex of fountains in the desert of Turkmenistan.

Almost all modern fountains of Krasnodar are also designed and constructed by experts of group of companies "FontanGrad."

We create our fountains

We create our fountains to suit individual customer requirements after careful engineering and economic project preparation.

A city with a beautiful fountain and without it - are two different by rating settlements with the same name!

Therefore, creating fountains, we improve the status of the customer!

The most important thing: "Give Joy to Cities"!


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