12 Июня 2012

A dry deck dynamic fountain was opened in sanatorium ‘Predgorye Kavkaza’ , Gorachy Klyuch city!

If you take care of your customers, appreciate your business image and want to provide them with the best service, they will keep coming again and again and give you an opportunity to make profit.

FontanGrad know how to do it, build your own fountain! That is life-giving water that has a positive influence on our health, nervous and cardio-vascular systems. Air around fountains has restorative impact on our body the same as air in forests, mountains, near seas and oceans. Spend 15-20 minutes a day in this environment and you will feel more alive!

The fountain in spa resort Caucasus Highland is not only a nice decoration it is used as an additional spa-area for their guests.


All photos and video of fountain.

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