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26 Декабря 2013

Fountain ‘Oil’ will rise in UAE?

Unexpected offer was made to the group of companies "FontanGrad" from the United Arab Emirates by the New Year 2014.

Krasnodar specialists got an order of the development of a project of music fountains complex symbolizing the basis of the welfare of the Arab State.

According to the agreement, the specialists of  ‘FontanGrad’ must offer three ideas different by style which will symbolically convey ‘... the tremendous role which oil has played and continues to perform in the history of human civilization.’

Visual solutions in the form of animations must be presented to the customer already by the February 6, 2014, the eve of the opening of the XXII Winter Olympic Games.

Referring to the commercial secret in "FontanGrad" refused to divulge the cost of developing the project fountain "Oil", the city of the UAE, where it may appear, and the name of the businessman. It’s also unknown whether the Krasnodar specialists build ‘Oil’ their own. Perhaps that cooperation will take place in a part of project development only.

Meanwhile, company management gladly shared their first thoughts about possible ideas for future fountain.

It will be an urban style of the modern metropolis, art object representing offshore oil production platform, as well as the classic version based on dry-deck fountain.

In addition to the requirements of a symbolic nature, one of the main conditions for participation in the creation of the project of future fountain is use oil instead of water.

‘Fortunately, we were able to convince the customer that such an exchange will provide a number of not only technical problems’, - was explained in FontanGrad, -‘ first of all it's on fire and environmental safety, subsequent maintenance of the equipment’.

Another important argument for water was explanation that oil sprays will stain traditional white clothes of Arab sheikhs in windy weather.

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