15 Апреля 2014

Opening of fountains of season 2014 in Krasnodar city will traditionally begin with May Day start-up of the colour music fountain on the Theatre Square (Teatralnaya Ploshad)

As told in the "FontanGrad" company, providing maintenance of the hydraulic engineering construction, the complex of the preventive actions preceding the start-up of the fountain will be carried out in next few days. In particular, experts should lift all decorative foot grating and conduct examination of the underground basin of the fountain and clean water supply and drain systems of garbage and restrictions. In addition examination of all lamps of the fountain will be performed. Lamps will be washed with a special solution, isolation of electro-connections will be checked and directional angle of lamps on created water pictures will be regulated.

Hidrotechnical systems of the fountain (nozzles, pumps and electrovalves) will be also examined. Before the start-up of the main city fountain, its work will be checked in a test mode.

Along with maintenance of the planar colour music fountain on Theatre Square, experts of "FontanGrad" company will carry out similar works on three hydraulic engineering constructions in Presidential cadet school of the city. Other city fountains located mainly on Krasnaya Street are maintained by other organizations.

We will remind that the fountain on the Theatre Square is considered to be the largest planar colour music fountain in Europe. Its area is more than 1000 square meters. Water pictures of the fountain are formed by 377 streams. During operation of the fountain in a concert mode the maximum height of its water pictures reaches 27 meters (the 9-storeyed house). 640 LED lamps and 57 pumps are involved in creation of water magnificence of the fountain.

The fountain works by the closed principle: the water necessary for its work doesn't merge in the sewerage, goes through several stages of cleaning, including by means of ultraviolet setting, and returns to the system for later reuse. The wind sensor in an automatic mode regulates the height of streams of the fountain, making them less high when strengthening of wind and, on the contrary, higher in calm windless weather.

The opening of the fountain at the Theatre Square was held in 2011. The project and construction part of works are carried out by the "FontanGrad" company. All technical and engineering solutions related to the object are created with the use of modern developments. For today the Theatrical fountain of Krasnodar city is among ten of the most spectacular fountains of Russia.

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