08 Мая 2014

Specialists of "FontanGrad" congratulated Sevastopol citizens on May 9!

On the eve of the Victory Day, the specialists of "FontanGrad" helped Sevastopol residents to repair a large fountain at Primorski Blvd of the city.

As we were told in the company, several specialists of FontanGrad on hydraulic and light dynamic systems are involved in repairing of the main Sevastopol fountain. Fountain launch will take place on May, 9. By the time of launch of the fountain there will be replaced outdated lights powered with incandescent bulbs, removed several pumps which became unfit for use, checked the coordinated work of all units of the fountain.

"We were very pleased to respond to a request from Sevastopol citizens," - said the head of "FontanGrad" Oleg Bublik - "our specialists went to the city immediately after the call on May 5!".

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