Fountain "Blues"

On the eve of the celebration of Youth Day in Korenovsk, a new fountain "Blues". The Korenovsk administration decided to present this gift to residents and guests. As part of the implementation of the program of the head of the city E. Pergun “We are building a city of the future”

A fountain appeared on the site of a fountain with a cup built in Soviet times. The construction of the new fountain began with the reconstruction of the main square of the city - the Council Square. According to the administration, after the reconstruction, the area should accommodate all citizens on public holidays. With the advent of the fountain, the square became the personification of the holiday. It gives residents and guests of the city positive emotions and good mood! “FontanGrad” wholeheartedly congratulates residents and visitors of the city with the advent of a new attraction - the Singing Fountain “Blues”.


Max. power
33 kWt
Bowl size
12 m
The maximum height of the jet
10 m
Number of lamps
Number of pumps