Fountain for the «Prevysokoff» Hotel

In the Bakhchisaray district in the village of Peschanoye, the specialists of the FontanGrad company built a singing fountain.
This fountain is located in the «Prevysokoff»  hotel in close proximity to the sea. Walking along the coast, you can enjoy the light-music water performance.

This fountain will be interesting to adults and children. Due to the fact that all equipment is located underground, the fountain is absolutely safe for children. They will be able to play with jets suddenly appearing from underground. During the day, the fountain will save hotel visitors from the hot heat, and in the evening turn into a "water theater".
In the fountain of 47 nozzles, these jets can “dance” to various melodies. In the evening, 56 fixtures will create a special atmosphere. Thanks to the RGB-illumination, the fountain will sparkle with special colors.

If you build a fountain on the territory of the hotel, you get amazing landscaping, and an influx of potential visitors. Because a hotel with a fountain is more attractive to guests.

Fountain for the «Prevysokoff» Hotel


Max. power
22,6 kWt
Bowl size
11,8 m
The maximum height of the jet
7 m
Number of lamps
Number of pumps

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