The largest light and music fountain in Europe

Fountain "Theater" in the city of Krasnodar.
The fountain located on the Theater Square of the city of Krasnodar is the largest fountain with light and music in Europe. The construction of such a grandiose object is an important change in the general appearance of the city.

The project of this fountain was developed during the selection of countries applying for the 2018 World Cup.
According to the rules, fan zones with a capacity of up to fifty thousand people were to be organized in the participating cities. The government of Krasnodar decided to prepare in advance.
The theater square was just suitable for these purposes, but its functionality was limited by a huge flowerbed. Previously, when concerts and other events were held in the square, flowers were usually trampled. It was inconvenient and did not add aesthetics to the city.
It was decided to transform this territory into a modern plane fountain. Such a decision corresponded to all the rules of the championship: during the broadcast of matches, it is enough to simply turn off the fountain, and its territory becomes a capacious fan zone.
The construction of the fountain began with a large-scale presentation of the future appearance of the square to representatives of the city administration. After coordination of all technical issues, direct work on the site began. The construction went on as normal and was completed on time.

The day the fountain began was very exciting for the company's specialists. According to the plan, the start of all systems was to take place at the moment when the governor and the mayor of the city go from the stage to the square.
The mechanism is really difficult: 377 nozzles allow you to create more than 400 different combinations of water effects, and 640 LED lights were stopped for lighting. A constant supply of water is provided by 57 pumps. The maximum height of the fountain stream reaches 27 meters (90 feet).
The fountain is supported by regular maintenance.
The fountain on the Theater Square decorated the city with enchanting light and music shows, becoming the hallmark of the city.


Max. power
230 kWt
Bowl size
33 m x 33 m
The maximum height of the jet
27 m
Number of lamps
Number of pumps

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