Floating fountain "Heart of the Volga"

The first floating light and music fountain in Saratov is located in the Volga River. On the administration website, city residents could choose a name for the fountain. The leader of the vote was the “Heart of the Volga”. The floating fountain is called the highest jet pontoon in Russia.

For this, an individual lighting solution was developed: it stands at the base of the embankment. Powerful RGB spotlights illuminate the shore with a string fountain.
The picture of water consists of 2 parts. A powerful central pillar soaring up to 45 meters (150 feet), this is an amazing show. Around the central jet was a tent of 12 independent inclined nozzles. The fountain jets moving to the beat of the music delight and give unforgettable emotions.

The light-musical background makes evening walks along the promenade even more pleasant, the hits of Celine Dion, Queen and other artists are more romantic.

Floating fountain "Heart of the Volga"


Max. power
85 кВт
Bowl size
4,6 х 3 м
The maximum height of the jet
45 м
Number of lamps
Number of pumps