Fountain for the Mall

Inside the bowl, along with the nozzles, an installation in the form of white balls of different sizes is installed, water flows smoothly from them. Each of the 30 foam jets has an individual control. This allows you to create many different water paintings. 60 RGBW lights illuminate water jets. This gives the fountain a special charm and originality.
The fountain is located in a shopping center under a glass dome. At sunset, it looks even more original and cosmic.
According to the administration of the shopping center, the Tyumen City Mall is visited by more than 22 thousand people every day. Our company is proud that the fountain attracts the eyes of thousands of visitors, and the shopping center, thanks to an unusual fountain, increases the traffic of customers.


Max. power
16,6 кВт
Bowl size
13,1 х 8,4 м
The maximum height of the jet
1 m
Number of lamps
Number of pumps

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