Floating fountains at the stadium "Mordovia Arena"

In Saransk City, in the channel of the Insar River, enveloping the Mordovia Arena stadium, three floating fountains were installed. The design of one of the fountains is a unique development of FontanGrad specialists. The floating fountain module is easy to install, does not require preparatory and construction work. In order for the pontoon to start working, you just need to connect it to the control panel.

The fountains in the Insar River are static, but have different water paintings. The height of the jet reaches 10 meters. The fountain complex has recycled water technology. Before entering the fountain nozzle, river water passes through a two-level treatment system. It is useful for fountain equipment and for a reservoir, this process contributes to a healthy climate. And this prevents stagnation of water. And this prevents the development of new algae. The fountain does not make extraneous noise because it has submersible pumps. The compact design allows you to install pontoons at any depth of the reservoir.
To control the height of the stream and mitigate the transitions between water effects, you can install new nozzles and additional components.


Max. power
10 kWt
Bowl size
1х1х1,5 m
The maximum height of the jet
10 m
Number of lamps
Number of pumps