Fountain "Cat Leopold and Mice"

At the opening of the art fountain "Cat Leopold and Mice" in Korenovsk city, there were many people. An evening celebration took place in front of the cinema "October". The construction of the fountain on the square was carried out in a short time, without loss of quality.
The fountain has a classic bowl. Fountain equipment is located in it, and a figurine of mice with a firearm is installed on board the bowl. Water from a fire hose hits straight at Kota Leopold, his figure is set in the center of the bowl. We were inspired by the beloved Soviet cartoon to create this idea, and the location of the fountain opposite the cinema.

With the help of two contours of fountain nozzles, we managed to create picturesque and dynamic water paintings. The fountain jets rise to a height of 1.5 meters from a bowl with a diameter of 6.5 meters. Art figures are made of bronze.
High-quality work will allow the customer and the audience to admire the fountain day after day. We always make sure that the facility is as easy to maintain as possible, causing only delight!


Max. power
11 kWt
Bowl size
6.5 m
The maximum height of the jet
3 m
Number of lamps
Number of pumps

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