Fountain complex with amphitheater

A complex of 13 fountains is located in Samara city on the "Square of Glory". It includes a fountain - waterfall, cascading fountains and two dry fountains with light and music.
Fountain - waterfall made in the form of a semicircular bowl and belongs to the classic static look. The pleasant sound of the water will refresh and give a feeling of freedom on a hot day. And in the evening, the water, falling down from the wall, sparkles and shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow.

Eight static cascading fountains decorated staircase descents. The fountain bowl is lined with granite tiles in the form of a checkerboard interspersed with square LED lamps. Going down the thresholds of a chessboard, water creates seething waves. It looks especially bewitching in the evening when the backlight turns on.

At the end of the slope there is an amphitheater, at its base there are two light and music fountains. The water painting is composed of 230 foggy and 98 foam fountain nozzles. We used misty nozzles, inspired by the Italian fountain "Mirror", located on Birzhevaya Square in Bordeaux city. The choice of dry fountains was obvious, since a flat fountain does not occupy a usable area, this allows you to establish a stage, fair tents and other types of mobile structures.
Now fountain complexes are a new round in the history of cities.


Max. power
93 kWt
Bowl size
100 х 200 m
The maximum height of the jet
2 m
Number of lamps
Number of pumps

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