Fountain on the Batyr Alley

Alley "Batyr" on Yulaev Street is now decorated with a fountain. It became a gift from the administration to the residents of Salavat City, on City Day.
The round bowl of the dry fountain fits perfectly into the theme of the alley. The equipment is located in an underground bowl. This allows you to call the fountain anti-vandal. The central stream of the water body rises to a height of 2 meters, two contours of fountain nozzles of different types are laid around it. Tents are replaced by foam jets. They dance and play with the children.
This fountain has become a place of attraction for many city events. At the opening of the fountain was attended by representatives of the city administration. Local creative groups danced and sang with the fountain. Towards evening, the second stage of the Champions League mass competition was held. On this day, the Salavat City Administration expressed sincere gratitude and thanks to the General Director of FontanGrad LLC for the construction of the city fountain.
Near the fountain, children's laughter does not stop, and it constantly attracts many vacationers.


Max. power
14 kWt
Bowl size
10 m
The maximum height of the jet
4 m
Number of lamps
Number of pumps

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