Severstal Fountain

The square at the Palace of Metallurgists in the city of Cherepovets was decorated with a unique light and music fountain. A bowl of dry fountain is paved with granite in the shape of the logo of PAO Severstal.
The creative team of our company worked not only on the uniqueness of the pedestrian fountain project, but also on the show program. The water picture allows you to program the fountain for completely different styles of music and the themes of events.
Along with fountain nozzles, the largest water screen in Russia is installed in the underground bowl of a dry fountain. Water from such a plant is sprayed in the form of a semicircle with a diameter of 15 meters. According to the customer’s idea, a video about the main historical moments of the city and its city-forming enterprise will be projected onto the water. Similar constructions are installed for projection onto water of images, presentations and even films.
Fountain nozzles located inside the bowl have high-speed electromagnetic shutoffs. In a single ensemble with LED lights, this technological solution allows you to create a wide variety of water effects: gaming, rainbow, flashes, wave and many others.
The landscaped area attracts the attention of small and adult Cherepovets. The fountain was opened in the fall, the water body will soon be mothballed, and it will wait for the new season to surprise and delight guests of the green corner.


Max. power
166 kWt
Bowl size
25 m
The maximum height of the jet
15 m
Number of lamps
Number of pumps

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