• Construction and design of fountains No. 1 in Russia
  • Reliable solutions for the long term

    Why choose us

    • We comply with the deadlines
      We calculate the exact time from the development of the project to the final commissioning of the object.
    • Own production
      Own production of fountain equipment allows you to implement any design solution.
    • Quality in detail
      We carry out equipment testing at our own test sites.
    • Approach to everyone
      We provide advice at every stage of work

    We create emotions

    The FontanGrad company makes fountains since 2003. We are engaged not only in construction, but also in the design, reconstruction and maintenance of fountains and fountain complexes of any degree of complexity.
    Our own design department will develop a project for any fountain, taking into account climatic and other features of the area.
    Construction and installation is carried out only by highly qualified engineers.
    We equip fountains with modern lighting systems, as well as synchronize light with music.
    In our fountains we use pumps of such well-known manufacturers as "Grundfos" and "Pedrollo"
    When designing pedestrian fountains, the most durable factory-made decorative pedestrian decking is used. The flooring undergoes a thorough double treatment, which eliminates the possibility of injury from poor-quality fitting of the grilles.


    Bublik Oleg
    Bublik Oleg
    Bublik Svetlana
    Financial director
    Bublik Svetlana
    Bublik Viktor
    Commercial Director
    Bublik Viktor
    Bublik Vladimir
    Technical Director
    Bublik Vladimir


    We receive letters of appreciation, diplomas and other praises for our projects.