Fountain "Levoberezhny"

The diameter of the new object is 21 m. Water compositions are formed by 286 dynamic jets from 2 to 15 meters high.
A laser and a special projector are installed on the fountain, this will allow you to form 3D figures and project the image on a special water screen.
The fountain is equipped with an interactive fountain control system “iF-Control” developed by FontanGrad, which allows the viewer to control the water and color effects of the fountain.

The “iF-Control” system is very interesting for children, the child gets the opportunity to control the fountain jets on his own - by pressing the anti-vandal control buttons built into the pedestrian zone next to the fountain.
Also in the fountain there are 4 moving nozzles "Tornado", previously not used by anyone in pedestrian fountains.
108 of the 286 jets in the fountain are controlled by electromagnetic jet cutters, thanks to which the fountain acquired a unique look. The number of water paintings has become unlimited.
The fountain is an exclusive piece that was specially designed for the city. Congratulations to Rostov-on-Don on the appearance of a new attraction!


Max. power
109 kWt
Bowl size
The maximum height of the jet
10 m
Number of lamps
Number of pumps
Fountain "Levoberezhny"

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