Fountain in the Moscow

For this fountain we took an interesting approach: its design feature lies in the rational use of space. Under the fountain there is underground parking.

The project is quite large - dimensions 10x18.4 m, it has three large circles of vertical jets on individually controlled cut-offs. In the center of each stands a foam pillar. Another feature of it is the running light. There is individual lighting for each nozzle.

This object has one interactive button, it allows you not only to change the operation of the water circuit, but along with it - the backlight with the playing composition. This was achieved thanks to a unique hardware and software unit.

For each of our projects, an individual approach is possible both in small matters and in serious technical issues. Fulfilling a special request from the client, with this fountain we moved away from the usual Grundfos and Pedrollo pumping equipment and installed WILO systems. Each fountain is unique for us, and we are ready to look for personal methods of work, depending on your requests.


Max. power
28 kWt
Bowl size
18,4х10 m
The maximum height of the jet
3 m
Number of lamps
Number of pumps

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