Champagne Bottle Fountain

Champagne Bottle Fountain, Abrau-Durso
At the Wine Tourism Center, FontanGrad built the largest bottle of champagne in Russia.

The fountain in the form of a bottle of sparkling drink has become a truly unique attraction. A bronze nozzle forms a foam jet with a diameter of 250 mm (10 inches). One gets the feeling that champagne has just been opened, and the drink hits over the edge.

The unusual design is striking in its size. The fountain consists of 1954 bottles. It took 2.657 kg (5800 pounds) of stainless steel and 343 kg (750 pounds) of bottles to make it. The total weight is more than 3 tons (6,600 pounds).


Max. power
12,21 кВт
Bowl size
10,5 м
The maximum height of the jet
2,5 м
Number of lamps
Number of pumps

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