The first pedestrian fountain beyond the Arctic Circle

At the place where a man’s foot stepped just a century ago, the world's only light-music plane fountain appeared behind the Arctic Circle.
A real northern oasis was built using innovative technologies in the city of Labytnangi (Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug). An interactive control unit is installed on the fountain. Viewers can control the backlight and jets by clicking on the buttons!

The fountain is maximally adapted to severe weather conditions. The technical rooms were additionally insulated, a reliable foundation was laid - the bowl was mounted on metal screw piles. There are 59 nozzles in the fountain, with the help of which the jets can “dance” to various melodies. In the evening, 70 LED lights will spray the fountain in all colors of the rainbow. The fountain uses electromagnetic cutoffs. In a single ensemble with LED lights, this technological solution allows you to create a wide variety of water effects: game, rainbow, water screen, tent, foam pillars and many others.

The new fountain will be an excellent gift for the city residents, a favorite place for relaxation and photo shoots.


Max. power
31,3 кВт
Bowl size
19 х 7 м
The maximum height of the jet
4 м
Number of lamps
Number of pumps

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